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Custom Dominoes
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I started Billet Bones in 2001 after serving four years in the US Air Force. I started working for my parents machine shop in 2000. When the machines were available on the weekends so I wanted to take advantage of the 125,000 dollar machines.

I came up with the idea of aluminum dominoes because we kept splitting, chipping and breaking the plastic dominoes that are prominent in toy stores.   Plus, we were all tired of playing the same old cheap plastic dominoes and needed something that would last a lifetime and look good. So I slowly started manufacturing one set at a time 11 years ago before settling on the exact design and look that I have now. They had to be exquisite, radiant, flashy, and very noticeable and eye appealing.  The dots have to be the perfect depth and the light must make the bling during daytime or nighttime.

My dominoes are pieces of artwork sculpted out of aluminum. Each piece is looked over and over and touched many times before the dots and optional engraving is added.

I machine, dot, and engrave all our dominoes so I am in complete control of the end result.

I only sell exclusively here at Like Jimmy Choos are to shoes and Harry Winston is to jewelry, Billet Bones is the premier luxury dominoes designer to date.

Most importantly, I do this for the love of the game, nothing else.  

Billet Bones is machined and manufactured in Tucson Arizona out of Arizona Research and Manufacturing


Thank you to everyone who has purchased my custom dominoes! 

Much love,

Ronnie Rosales