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Custom Dominoes
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Frequently Asked Questions
 Will the color bleed?
No. The tops and bottoms do very well. The sides can fade if you "wash" the dominoes to hard. They can be "washed" without slamming them against each other.

 What is the normal size domino?
Standard size dominoes are 1 x 2 x 3/8ths thick. The deluxe is the same length and width but 1/2 thick. The Tournament size tiles are a whopping 1 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 1/2!

 What surfaces can I play on?
Smooth surfaces are the best. Tables made out of wood,dry erase board and felt are always the best. Stay away from granite, glass or concrete.

 Are there any more fonts?
I can use fonts from MS Word, but they engrave as an outline instead of a single line. Check out for more fonts.

 What is single line engraving?
It's what we call single stroke. It's like if you are writing a letter as opposed to outlining a letter.

 Can you engrave my signature?
Yes. I will charge a setup fee to trace the signature.

 What type of aluminum do you use?
T6061 aircraft quality aluminum.

 Why are they so expensive?
The time and effort that goes into producing them increased the value. Along with the other costs that go into producing them.

 Why is detail in engraving more expensive?
The engravers are smaller so feed rates are slower. It takes more time to push a fine engraver through the anodize then a 3/32nd endmill that has .047 thick.

 Can I just engrave the blank domino?
Yes! I've done it many times. I usually quote 30 dollars for single line font and it is engraved on left/right side of line on playing side.

 Why do they take so long to ship?
I only do a handful of sets a year so I manufacture them the same time I get the orders in. Sometimes I have them in stock so it will only take two weeks as opposed to 6-8 weeks.

 Why are your standard dominoes look the same but cheaper?
My standard dominoes don't come in an more expensive box but they do come in a clear acrylic case. They are also only 3/8ths thick compared to their big brothers which are 1/2 thick.

 Why is engraving almost as much as the standard dominoes themselves?
Engraving is the most expensive part of my product. Most people get away with quick laser engraving that is dull and not as brilliant as actually cutting into the aluminum, which makes it shine and sparkle. Engraving can cost from $35 for a couple initials to over $100 for script/monogram type fonts.